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If you are having problems logging in, staying logged in, or properly viewing AzSRT.Com, try using a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Firefox is the recommended browser due to its ability to fix minor coding mismatches (if any), unlike Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome is a good browser as well.  Below are the links for Firefox and Google Chrome.  If you continue to have problems, shoot me a message.
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We are in the process of creating a PDA/Smartphone version of AzSRT.Com so make the site avaliable to more people in more locations.  If you can not find a function that you are looking for on the mobile browser site, click the link on the bottom left labeled "Full Website" and that will redirect you to standard site.  Also, any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks everyone!! 
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Don't forget to check your email after you register for a new account. You will recieve an email with a link that validates your email and activates your account. 
If you are unable to validate your account, send me a message through the "Contact Us" link on the left side of your screen and I will help you out ASAP.
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From all of us here at AzSRT.Com, we are very excited to bring you the new AzSRT.Com - formerly known as AzSRT-4. We are also AzSRT-4.Org, AzSRT-4.Net, and AzSRT-4.Com all combined into the new AzSRT.Com. Please keep in mind that the site is just getting up and running so there are a lot of bugs and kinks to iron out -- please be patient with us and let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.  The Webmaster is open to any and all suggestions.

We welcome you to become a registered member and participate in conversations and get to know one another. &nb ... Read more »
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